Domestic UIF registration support

Dear Colleen,

Many thanks for your help on registering our domestic worker.
Although still a process, you made it very easy and the professional manner in which you handled it is commendable.

I will most definitely recommend you to family and friends.

Kind regards,

Willem Adriaan Diederiks
November 28, 2018

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colleen Smith for her efforts in resolving my claim, she handled my UIF Maternity claim very professionally, she always kept me updated on progress, we had issues along the way with the Dept. of Labour and she went an extra mile trying to get them to pay the claim, I am impressed with the way she turned around the matter after a long battle. Thank you so much for your super service, may God bless you. I really appreciate what you have done for me, please continue to help others…..

Thank you for delivering the top class service Colleen, you have been a pleasure to deal with. You are a super star!

Bangeni Mbonambi

Bangeni Mbonambi
July 27, 2018

Fantastic Service

Without you I would not have been this lucky!!!  I will most certainly recommend you as far as

I can.  Super fantastic service!  May you be blessed wherever you go!


Alma F

May 9, 2018

Great news

I am very happy to tell you that I have received payment from UIF, they have paid me an amount of RXXXX.XX.

Thank you for your assistance with my claim.


Penny b

May 9, 2018

Thank you

Thank you for all the help and effort.

Registration was finalised and the first monthly deduction effected.

I greatly appreciate all the time.



May 8, 2018


Thank you Colleen for your efficient and speedy service. I was having nightmares about

not having sorted the UIF out for my nanny as I never have time to go into home affairs

and getting assistance via PHONE from them is non existent. It is great to know there is

a reliable mediator and now my UIF matters are resolved. Thank you for the endless back

and fourth emails and answering all my questions.



May 8, 2018


Dearest Colleen


My sincere and grateful thanks for ALL you have

done for me with regard to my UIF journey spanning almost a year.

What you managed and did  for me others would have given up on from the outset.

Your constant follow ups and keeping me posted at all times (even when the situation

appeared bleak) were beyond amazing.  You never gave up and handled each with determination

and compassion. I certainly would never have been in a position to have done this on my own.

I wish you every success with your business. Onwards and upwards.


Kindest regards

Barbara p

April 24, 2018

Hi Colleen

Many thanks for your really efficient service, it is much appreciated.

Meryl J

February 14, 2018

HI Colleen

Thank you for your professional and efficient service rendered to me.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

All the best Cheryl H

February 14, 2018

What a wonderful find! After

What a wonderful find! After months of stressing over not registering my domestic worker I contacted Domestic UIF Consultants. I was immediately sent the forms and detailed instructions of what they needed to assist me with my problem. I have been walked me through every step of the way in a very efficient manner.
Thank you Domestic UIF Consultants.

Anne Gatherer
February 13, 2018

Professional and Effecient

I have been assisted by Colleen for quite some time now trying to complete an arrears payment with
the UIF. Throughout this process she has been amazing. Her love and admiration for what she does
shines daily. In this day and age prompt and friendly service is hard to come by so I thank you
for the great service. Keep it up!

January 25, 2018

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the help.  Very efficient I must say.  You deserve to succeed.

Would most definitely recommend you.

Joanne M
October 7, 2017


You really made it easy. Thank you so much. Fast, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend your services.

Sally D
September 19, 2017

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the help with getting my domestic worker registered. It feels so good to be compliant!

Sarah H
September 19, 2017


Dear Colleen

Yay I was successful and achieved my first ufiling payment. Thank you for all your help with this matter it was

greatly appreciated.

Dawn VJ
August 15, 2017

Thank you Colleen for helping

Thank you Colleen for helping me. Took this load off of my shoulders because I did not know what to do. Txs

Jenny V
July 20, 2017


Thank you so much Colleen for making what seemed like a difficult process a very

simple one. It definitely took all the stress off my shoulders, and know now that myself

and my Domestic are covered. Just a simple once off payment every month now. Look

forward to being a long term happy client of yours. Thank you once again.

Candice S
July 15, 2017

Thank you

Colleen – Thank you very much for the highly efficient and courteous service received. Great communication and easy

to follow stepscertainly made it a hassle free experience in getting our UIF registration sorted. Thank you!!

Scott Dixon
July 7, 2017